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Marine Walk

This beachfront promenade is located in the older Jumeirah beach

Residences (JBR) area where the Dubai Marina was built.

Dubai Marina Mall

Shopping Centre with over 160 shops spread over 4 floors. Pairing the towering ambitions of Dubai with a unique and vibrant waterfront lifestyle, Dubai Marina captures the imagination like no other place in the world. Taking pride of place in this impressive development is Dubai Marina Mall, a modern, thoughtfully designed haven for the shopping, leisure and lifestyle pursuits of the community’s residents and visitors, as well as for fascinated tourists seeking the very best that the city has to offer.

In terms of scale, 143 outlets and a gross leasable area spanning 390,000 sq. ft are tiered over four levels that bring together high-street fashion brands, aspirational couture, al fresco dining before a shimmering waterfront, cinematic thrills at Reel Cinemas, and even the convenience of a supermarket.

Dubai Marina

So you’ve decided that on your next Dubai trip you’ll stay nearby Dubai Marina (good choice!). Now all you have to do is choose holiday boulevard accommodation. Easy, right?
With its 1.56 sq. km, the Dubai Marina is the largest water sports and living project in the world and thanks to the alternation between the buildings, the marinas, the water and the recreation areas, this part of Dubai has become a special place where you can relax, especially in the evening hours. In the marina you have the possibility to book several boat trips

Dubai Mall

The massive mall grew even larger with the 2019 opening of Dubai Mall Zabeel, and that welcomed new experiences, dining and retail options and 3,000 more parking spaces. The extension adds almost 15,000 sqm of lifestyle space, with a huge array of art on display – all linked by an air-conditioned footbridge from The Dubai Mall. A massive expansion of The Dubai Mall is currently underway, paving the way to welcome over 100 million visitors, further enhancing the mall’s retail, lifestyle and entertainment offer.

With a shopping area of more than half a million square meters and over 1200 shops, the Dubai Mall is officially the largest shopping center in the world. The largest aquarium in the world happens to be in the shopping Centre. Or walk out and enjoy the world’s largest fountains can also find an ice skating rink in the shopping Centre, which is the ice skating on the track itself. There is also a huge three-story waterfall in the mall which you can watch for free and in the Grand Atrium of the shopping mall is the  Dubai Dino,  An original skeleton of a dinosaur.

Mall of the Emirates

Until the arrival of the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates was Dubai’s largest shopping mall. Despite the fact that the mall has lost that title, it is still well worth a visit to this shopping mall.Of course you can shop very well in the hundreds of shops in the shopping centre,Just because of the luxury decoration of the shopping centre and the shop windows it is a feast to wander around here.

Highlight of the shopping mall is Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski resort in the world, and that in the middle of the desert! The ski track is no less than 85 meters high and has a large fun park for the children. Thanks to the many windows you have a good view of the ski track and fun Park from the shopping centre. And if you look closely you will even see  the Penguins  that live in Ski Dubai. But the Mall of the Emirates of course offers is still well worth a visit to this shopping mall. Just because of the luxury decoration of the shopping. Of course you can shop very well in the hundreds of shops in the shopping centre, whether you are looking for the latest clothing from Dior or want to keep it affordable in the H & M, there is something for everyone. Just enough of shopping?

In addition to all the modern shopping malls, Dubai also has a number of traditional Arabian souks and you’ll feel back in time. Most souks are found in the city’s old town, near the Dubai Creek.This souk is located near the Gold Souk and is full of spices and herbs. you’ll be welcome by a unique scent of herbs and spices,On this traditional spice market, A fun way to travel to the souks is via a boat trip across the Dubai Creek. You only pay 30 euro cents for a single trip and can enjoy a unique view of the Dubai Creek and the surrounding area during your trip. Especially the Gold Souk  is very special. One narrow street with window displays full of shiny gold. Striking about the Gold Souk is its low level of security.

Besides the Gold Souk, you shouldn’t miss the Spice souk  . On this traditional spice market, A fun way to travel to the souks is via a boat trip across the Dubai Creek.This souk is located near the Gold Souk and is full of spices and herbs. On this traditional spice market, you’ll be welcome by a unique scent of herbs and spices, and the sellers will try to persuade you to buy something from their stalls. It is a must in the souks, otherwise you pay the main prize!

Book a high tea in the Burj al Arab

Another piece of construction wonder. Beautiful lobby and amenities, we had lunch at the Scape, great food at reasonable price for the venue and quality. You need a reservation to enter the building, whether at the gate or advanced on line.The Burj Al Arab calls itself the only seven-star hotel in the world, which is clearly evident when you walk inside this special hotel. Everywhere you look you can see golden details and a beautiful décor. Thanks to its altitude of 180 meters, the atrium of the hotel is the highest atrium hall in the world and really a picture to see.
For normal tourists, the doors of the hotel remain potproof, unless you book a high tea or afternoon tea. As a hotel room for the vast majority of tourists is not payable, booking a high tea is the only option to admire the Burj al Arab inside. While you enjoy a super De luxe high tea you can enjoy the view from the Skyview bar on the 27th floor of the hotel.

You’ll have to pull your wallet (or your credit card) if you want to book a high tea at the luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel as prices start at around 120 euros per person, but it’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget!

Open Tour

A tour of the Madinat Jumeirah complex with a traditional Abra boat is recommended. This Abra Tour  takes about 20 minutes to complete. With a special Abra taxi you sail through the many canals that make up the complex and you will be able to imagine the size and beauty of the complex. During your trip, the captain of the Abra tells the necessary interesting facts about the complex and the various hotels.

The Abrataxis depart from the central Abrastation which is opposite the Italian restaurant Tuscany. Tickets for the Abra Tour must be purchased in advance, the price of a ticket is 70 AED per person. More information about the tour of the Madinat Jumeirah complex is available on the website of Madinat Jumeirah  or  our page  on the Abra Tour.Access is easy, with a network of roads, tunnels and public transport options such as the Palm Monorail. The rail service includes a free car park at the base of the Palm.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Dubai is famous for its soaring skyline – and that’s not the only feat of engineering to capture the world’s imagination.Do you find nine meters away too close and don’t feel like getting wet when you look at the Fountains show from very close? Then you can also book The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride  with a traditional  Abra cruise along and through the Dubai Fountain  during the Fountains show.

The tickets for the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride cost 17 euros per person. Tickets are available at the checkout at the waterfront Promenade in front of the Dubai Mall, at  the at the Top counter in  the Dubai Mall  or the tickets can be booked online via  the website of Booking Online is advisable as you are sure that you can take the boat trip on the desired day and time.This show is officially the largest and most expensive fountain show in the world and is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai.

Visit the Souk Madinat Shopping Centre

As far as we are concerned, the Souk Madinat shopping Centre is one of the most beautiful in Dubai. The compact shopping mall is built entirely in traditional Arabian style and is part of the Madinat Jumeirah complex. This complex is located next to the souk from a number of luxury 5 star resorts, several restaurants and cafés which alternate with many water features and greenery.

Madinat Jumeirah is located near the well-known hotel, the Burj al Arab. This luxurious hotel with its typical shapes is located in large parts of the Madinat Jumeirah complex and, together with the stunning Arabian style of Souk Madinat, provides stunning views and unique photo opportunities. Especially in the evening the view of the Burj Al Arab is beautiful here.

Large beach and many restaurants

The entire project of La Mer beach front is completed in phases and in October 2017 the first phase with  la mer North  and  la mer South is officially opened. These two areas include 130 shops, cafés and restaurants, a playground for children, various beach activities, changing cabins with toilets and showers and a white sandy beach of no less than 2.5 kilometers long. From the beach you have not Only a beautiful view of the clear blue waters of the sea, but also a splendid panoramic view of the impressive Dubai skyline.

This year, La Mer is set to make your visit to the beach even more special. Until the end of the year, you can benefit from some amazing deals at select retail and F&B outlets when you treat yourself to a sun lounger or day room at the destination. A beach without beach club is not a beach, therefore La Mer North and South  also have its own beach tent called  Sea Spice Beach Club  where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and mocktails and a.o. the Watch the sunset while enjoying a bite and a drink. Would you like to enjoy the sun, sea and the beach sheltered? ly a beautiful view of the clear blue waters of the sea, but also a splendid panoramic view of the impressive Dubai skyline.Then you can rent your own  Cabana  on the beach of  La Mer.

Dubai Creek

The famous Dubai Creek  runs through the city centre of Dubai and distributes the city centre in the  Bur Dubai Neighborhoods on the southwest side and  Deira  on the opposite side. Formerly , the Creek was mainly used by the pearl fishermen and local traders to trade with the neighboring Emirates. Currently,  the Creek is mainly used by the traditional  Abras  which tourists and locals sail from one side to the other, luxury yachts, canal boats and cargo ships (dhows ) which supplies the port further afield.This old house, the  Heritage and Diving Village Museum is now located which is free to visit.

Along the shores of Dubai Creek  are a number of well-known buildings, including the gigantic  Etisalat building  with the well-known ball atop, the  Dubai Bank  and the  Rolex Twin Tower. Also the old house of the now deceased ruler of Dubai,  Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum  is located a stone’s throw from the  Dubai Creek. In This old house, the  Heritage and Diving Village Museum is now located which is free to visit.

Abra tour

What you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Dubai is an Abra  crossing over the  Dubai Creek. The abrastations are located both in  Deira   and Bur Dubai  and a trip with an  Abra  is easy to combine with a visit to  the Gold Souk  which in the district of Deira  is to be found.
For the mere amount of 1 dirham, converted about 20 cents, you sail with a wooden Abra  to the other side of the Creek. You must pay on board with cash, debit or credit card is not possible.During the tour you will get a good picture of old Dubai for the economic growth and the huge growth spurt of the city over the last 25 years. The crossing takes a short 5 minutes and during your crossing you will pass through the old harbours with the traditional dhows, the old district  Bastakiya  with its magnificent mosque and narrow streets and the modern buildings such as The towers of the  National Bank of Dubai  and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Abra tours are daily from 10:00 to 23:00 in Winter and 11:00 to 23:00 in Summer. The Abra tours depart every 20 minutes. Each tour will be 20 minutes long and will accommodate no more than ten people.

The traditional Dhow

Dhow is a traditional wooden sailboat which has been used for many hundreds of years in the Gulf region as a cargo ship. Where the dhows used to be mainly sailing, today many boats are equipped with an engine. Despite the tremendous growth of the modern port of Dubai, many traders continue to transport their goods with the traditional dhows boats. Especially for trade within the Gulf region, the dhows are still fully deployed. This is mainly about the transfer of goods that have arrived with modern freighters from China and Singapore to the surrounding countries and cities such as Oman, Abu Dhabi, India, Iraq, Iran and Yemen.

A Dhow is a one or two-masted Arab sailing vessel, usually with lateen rigging (slanting, triangular sails), common still today in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. On the larger types, called baggalas and booms, the mainsail is considerably bigger. Bows are sharp with a forward and upward thrust and the sterns of the larger dhows may be decorated.


Cruising down Dubai creek is a novel experience, one which you cannot miss when in Dubai. Imagine yourself on having dinner on a Dhow Cruise with the facinating lights of Dubai creek with Music and Tanura Dance show with a sip of your favorite drink and BBQ buffet dinner the Dubai dhow wharfage is located in the Deira District, along the  baiyas Road  just north of the Great Maktoum Bridge which runs across the Dubai Creek. At the Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel, the port begins which extends to the Maktoum Bridge.

Even though Dubai took the form of record-breaking skyscrapers, pristine beaches, massive malls, and luxury cars are running down wide eight-lane highways. Its core is in the Arabian Peninsula’s traditional Bedouin culture, especially the tribe living along the Dubai Creek. There are still many historical manifestations from that time that can be discovered recently, performing an essential part in Dubai’s daily life. None of which are more essential than the dhow-traditional wooden boats that the local fishing groups masterfully designed and constructed and used to cross the Red Sea and the Indian Oceans.

Dubai Museum

What you absolutely shouldn’t miss while visiting Dubai is the Dubai Museum.Dubai Museum is the main museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. The museum was opened by the Ruler of Dubai in 1971, with the aim of presenting the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai. When entering, one can see the fort constructed and the various displays that go along with it.Showcasing Dubai’s history and its original heritage, you can get a glimpse of everyday life before the discovery of oil. The galleries recreate historic local houses, mosques, souks, date farms, desert and marine life.

Behind the thick lakshmi walls of Dubai’s oldest fortress complex you’ll learn all about former Dubai, the great development of the city over the past few years and the future plans. Other themes in the museum include pearl divers, traditional weapons and prehistoric finds in and around Dubai. In the courtyard of the fortress you will find a number of traditional boats and a barasti house, a typical house in which one lived in the Middle East until halfway through the last century.

Hours of Operation

For thousands of years, people have been searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Containing untold riches and treasures, the utopian paradise is believed to have been submerged under the ocean. Now, you can witness the magical city of Atlantis at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Discover mysteries of the deep and learn fascinating facts about ocean life while you watch 65,000 marine animals swim in the Ambassador Lagoon. To dive deeper into Atlantis Dubai, take a behind-the-scenes tour or book a snorkelling, diving or Aquatrek session.

the Lost Chambers Aquarium  is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10am. The visiting time is between 10 am and 13 pm. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located in the Atlantis Hotel, which is located on the  Palm Jumeirah Island  off the coast of Dubai.Tickets for the Lost Chambers cost 28 euros for adults and for children 20 euros.The tickets are easily bookable via the website of You simply pay in euros via iDeal or credit card. By pre-booking your tickets you avoid having to wait for the checkout.

Miracle Garden

A flower garden is not expecting you so quickly in the middle of the desert, yet there is a huge flower garden in Dubai since 2013. In the Dubai Miracle Garden  , more than 100 million flowers are found of over 60 different species.

The fun thing about the Miracle Garden  is that not only flowers and plants are central but there are also many other objects to admire. In the park you can find among others the world’s largest  flower clock, several cars adorned with flowers, a replica of the  Burj Khalifa  built and an Airbus A380 from Emirates  that Remanufactured is full-size.
Since the opening of the Dubai Miracle Garden  on Valentines Day 2013, the park has welcomed a large number of visitors. During the first season (winter 2012/2013) only 400,000 visitors were able to find the Miracle Garden, in the following years the number of visitors increased far above 1 million and the expectation is that this number will increase even further, thanks to the opening of The  Butterfly Garden  right next to the  Miracle Garden.


The Dubai Miracle Garden  is a short half-hour drive from  Downtown Dubai  and the  Dubai Mall,  and is close to the  Arabian Ranches residential area and the  Dubai Autodrome circuit.The Dubai Miracle Garden is easy to reach by car. The  Dubai Miracle Garden  is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, right next to the  Dubai autodrome. The best way to follow the signs above the road to the  Dubai Autodrome is to follow the signs to the  Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden is the Middle Eastern city’s latest mega super project.It was opened on 14th Feb 2013 and has attracted more than 2,00,000 people in it’s first month of opening. More than 45 million blooming flowers in stunning designs, awesome shapes and structures. An eye catching color combinations achieved through 45 different flower varieties and color. Miracle Garden is one of a kind in the region and in the world for such a unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination.

Tickets Dubai Miracle Garden

The entrance of the Miracle Garden  is 40 AED per person (converted about 10 euros). For the  Dubai Butterfly Garden  which is located next to the  Miracle Garden , it has to be paid separately.
The Dubai Miracle Garden  is open from Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM, on weekends from Friday to Saturday, the flower garden is open from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Please note!

The  Miracle Garden  is only to be visited in the winter season. In summer, the temperatures in Dubai are too high to keep the flowers alive and the park is closed to the public. The  Dubai Miracle Garden  opens its doors this year on 7 november for the new 2017/2018 winter season. For the new season, the Flower garden has gone to a big kick and the park is decorated around a completely new theme.For the Dubai Butterfly Garden which is located next to the Miracle Garden , it has to be paid separately.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is an artificial canal unveiled on 2 October 2013 and inaugurated on 9 November 2016.Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2km long waterway that extends from the Creek in Old Dubai through Business Bay, before finding its way back to the Arabian Gulf.The man-made canal, which opened in 2016, meanders through the centre of the city, transforming the face of Downtown Dubai and turning it into a waterfront destination. Nearby, you will find the magnificent V Hotel and Hilton Dubai as well as the captivating aquatic show.Visitors can run, walk and cycle along the 6.4km waterfront on either side of the canal. Hop aboard one of the many ferry and abra rides that make their way across the canal’s calm waters for an especially leisurely afternoon.

The Dubai Water Canal  Project is an extensive project in Dubai with the aim of connecting the water from the Business Bay  to the sea. All around the newest waterway in the heart of the city come a large number of luxury villas, marinas, a shopping centre, recreation areas and hotels.

New tourist attraction

The prestigious project costs a total of more than 2.5 billion euros and includes a connection from the Dubai Creek and  the Khor Dubai  with the water in the Business Bay  and the sea. To make this connection possible, channels have been dug in various locations to connect the various loose lakes so that one large channel is created. This has made it possible to sail through Dubai from the sea and get back to the open sea without having to reverse.

an iconic shopping mall and World Trade Center will be built in a form where the channel goes under the building.The newly constructed canal runs along the Al Wasl Road, the  Business Bay, the  Safa Park  and the Jumeirah Road and flows into the  Arabian Gulf  at the former Jumeirah Beach Park. On the spot where the canal is located in the sea is a special island built in the sea on which among other things a wide sandy beach, luxury apartments and hotels will be constructed. There is also the striking  Gate Tower Bridge  , which will include a three-storey shopping centre, 300,000 square metres. In Total, the shopping mall 434 stores and restaurants. Striking is also the roof of the shopping centre, which is a public park with a view over the  Safa Park.

The Lost Chambers

At the Atlantis Hotel, you can find a beautiful attraction that young and old enjoy: the Lost Chambers. The  Lost Chambers  consists of over 20 different aquariums where more than 65,000 wondrous sea creatures swim around. The Lost Chambers  is an attraction based on the legend of the sunken city of  Atlantis. Entirely in style with the Atlantis theme, the aquarium is classified as a series of tunnels and mazes. So you are constantly exploring an underwater world.

In the various aquariums of the Lost Chambers swimming are sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, octopuses, seahorses and piranhas. Attraction of the Lost Chambers  are the brothers Ali and Blue, the two rare albino crocodiles that grew up in the aquarium from childhood onwards. For anyone who would like to get very close to the sea creatures there is the “Touch Tank” where you can touch various fish and other sea creatures to feel how these particular marine creatures feel.

Large parts of Dubai now an island

Dubai may boast the tallest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa at 2,717 feet), the world’s largest indoor theme park, and soon the world’s first rotating skyscraper, but most impressive are the city’s man-made archipelagos, all in various stages of completion: Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands, Palm Jebel Ali, The World, and Bluewaters Island.Through the opening of the canal, a large piece of Dubai has officially become an island. The area in the city which runs from Habtoor City to Bur Dubai is in no place more via land connected to the land. Downtown Dubai, the area where the  Burj Khalifa  and the  Dubai Mall are found, is also located on an island.

The Dubai Water Canal  Project is an extensive project in Dubai with the aim of connecting the water from the Business Bay  to the sea. All around the newest waterway in the heart of the city come a large number of luxury villas, marinas, a shopping centre, recreation areas and hotels. Burj Khalifa  and the  Dubai Mall are found, is also located on an island.


One of the art displays that you will notice in the Dubai Mall is the Human Waterfalls. A striking water feature nestled right at the heart of this massive shopping center, the Human Waterfall is truly a crowd puller, thanks to its dramatic design and unique charm.A striking attraction of the Dubai Canal is the waterfall built on the 570-metre-long viaduct of the main  Sheikh Zayed Road Highway. On the side of the huge viaduct over the canal is a waterfall built which pumps tens of thousands of liters of water from the canal 24 hours a day and drops back into the water. Especially in the evening hours the fountain is extra nice to see thanks to the LED lighting  in the fountain which can show all the colors of the rainbow.

One of the art displays that you will notice in the Dubai Mall is the Human Waterfalls where the cascading water occupies the height of the mall. A striking water feature nestled right at the heart of this massive shopping center, the Human Waterfall is truly a crowd puller, thanks to its dramatic design and unique charm. While this eye-catching highlight isn’t as popular as the mall’s ice rink and aquarium, it is, to me, one of the biggest and most interesting special attractions of the Dubai Mall.

Dubai Water Taxi’s

The opening of the Dubai water Canal allows you to travel through large parts of Dubai by boat, Water taxi or Dubai ferry. Also, it is expected that a large number of cruise providers will be offering boat trips across the Dubai Water Canal, similar to the current boat trips across the Dubai Creek.

Water taxis are sure pretty—much more enjoyable than hailing a cab in congested New York. In fact, a relaxing ride on a water taxi is the most popular way to take the “scenic route” through an exotic location. Speaking of which, Dubai water taxis are among the emirate’s top draws, since it’s just so pretty to look at anyway.Did you know that one of the oldest modes of transportation in world history is the traditional rowing water taxi? We didn’t always call it a “taxi” but traveling by boat and oar is something we figured out a long time ago.In Total there are nine new stations opened for the water taxis by the RTA, the Dubai Transport Service. Five of these new stations are found along the newly constructed stretch of the channel, these are the stations Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park, Al WASL, Jumeirah  and  Dubai Canal.

Dubai Ferry

Established in 2011, Dubai Ferry was initially intended to improve water route transit by the Road and Transport Authority. Currently, with this activity, you climb aboard a luxurious boat that takes you to explore the waterways of Dubai.for the Dubai ferry there are a total of five new stations built. Two of them are found along the new  Dubai Water Canal  and three in the Business Bay. Thanks to these new stations, three new daily return services have been added to the  Dubai Ferrytimetable. the al
Wajeha al Maeyahstation, en de Marasi stations in de Business Bay, het Sheikh Zayed Road station en de Dubai Canal  stations in het Dubai Water Canal.

The ferry service sails daily at 10:00 hours, 12:00 hours and 16:30 hours. The existing service between the Al Ghubaiba  Station and the  Marina Mall station  will be adapted so that it also stops at the new  Dubai Canal station. Tickets for the  Dubai Ferry  cost 15 dirham per person for the trip to 1 station, two stations cost 25 dirham per person, three stations 35 dirham, four stations 45 dirham and one ticket for a trip along all stations cost 50 dirham.

Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque  is the largest mosque in Dubai and is known as one of the most beautiful mosques in the United Arab Emirates. You can view the mosque for free from outside, but if you want to see it inside then this is only possible for a small fee of 10 AED. These tours are open to non-Muslims and take place every day, except Friday, at 10 a.m.

The mosque is entirely built of white stone entirely according to the medieval Fatimid tradition and features two minarets that frame a large central dome. The mosque is at its most beautiful at dusk and evening hours, when the lights turn on and the mosque is beautifully illuminated.

The Jumeirah Mosque is the largest mosque in Dubai and also one of the most beautiful in the Arab Emirates. You can watch this mosque from outside for free, but for a small contribution of 10 AED, about two euros, you can get a tour in the morning (except Friday). The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque that also allows non-Muslims to explain their beliefs.

Ibn Beat Mall

The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates are Dubai’s two most famous shopping malls and are almost always visited during a holiday in Dubai. But besides these two well-known shopping malls there is another shopping centre which is worth visiting, the Ibn Battuta mall. In This shopping mall you won’t find the world’s largest aquarium or the largest indoor ski area In The world, yet the mall is one of the most beautiful In Dubai and probably the world. This is mainly due to the furnishing of the property and the style in which the shopping centre is built.

Central to the Ibn Battuta Mall  is the explorer  ibn Battuta  and the locations that this Arabian Explorer has visited. The shopping centre has six different divisions, all of which are built in the style of the country or region. During his tours, Ibn Battuta  has visited India, China, Egypt, Andalusia, Persia and Tunisia, and the styles of those six areas can be found in the six different sections of the shopping centre.Highlight is as far as we are concerned the huge Chinese ship on the main square of the China section of the shopping mall.